Just imagine a world where you can determine the purpose of everything around you.

How magical must that feel for children!

At Nature’s Little Learners, we aim to create endless learning opportunities through the use of all-natural, authentic, open-ended resources, allowing children to use their imagination and creativity. We aim to help children find joy in learning by letting them explore freely and opening their minds to endless possibilities. 

Our nurseries follow The Curiosity Approach, a modern way of teaching and caring for young children. We want to spark amazement and curiosity in every child who comes through our doors, and we welcome every question they ask.

Children experience their most rapid development between birth and five years, emphasising the importance of providing them with early years experiences that enrich their skills and abilities, setting the stage for lifelong learning.

At Nature's Little Learners, we prepare children for their educational journey by nurturing them in a safe, secure and relaxed environment. Our approach focuses on fostering innovation and critical thinking, empowering children to make choices, believe in themselves, and develop resilience. We also encourage them to take guided risks and challenge their own thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

Our early years programme steps away from the traditional classroom approach, offering a space where children can confidently explore their surroundings. We strive to create an environment that sparks imagination and creativity, providing resources that can be anything a child desires.

At Nature’s Little Learners, there is intent and purpose behind every decision we make in terms of child development, and we ensure we implement Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Learning through the following areas:

Communication and Language

Supporting communication and language begins with children’s wellbeing; at Nature’s Little Learners, our environments are inspiring and present opportunities that promote awe and wonder, whilst encouraging the exploration of new ideas and concepts.

Our practitioners attentively observe, listen and ask open-ended questions, as well as valuing non-verbal communication in order to give children the time and space they need to respond.

Wellbeing and Development

At Nature’s Little Learners, we aim to provide a space where children feel safe and secure. We provide predictable routines so children can thrive through consistency, with clear, soft boundaries which focus on meeting each child’s individual needs.

Our inclusive, positive and supportive atmosphere supports understanding managing feelings and behaviour, developing positive sense of self and embracing social skills that allow children to make life-long friendships.

Physical Development

We foster active learning by allowing children to explore their own play ideas and avoiding excessive guidance from one activity to another. We prioritise children's freedom to move within the setting, promoting both physical and mental well-being. 

Recognising that physical health profoundly impacts all aspects of a child's development, including brain development, cognition, learning, and self-care, we incorporate outdoor experiences and physical activity into our patterns and routines. Our goal is to instill a lifelong love for self-care and healthy decision-making from an early age.

Early Literacy

Research has shown that children under the age of five years of age thrive in an environment that is well-planned and resourced to support child-led learning through play.

We are inspired by the modern-day Curiosity approached pedagogy, which supports a curriculum that steers away from a formal classroom, target-driven curriculum. Instead, we focus on providing our children with a carefree and relaxed environment, filled with lots of play-based opportunities to develop self-esteem and self-awareness, preparing them for many years of academic success.

Early Mathematics

At Nature's Little Learners, we prepare children’s deeper level of understanding of mathematical concepts in preparation for school. We encourage children to recognise numbers, shapes, patterns, and spatial awareness through a resource-rich environment, where children can explore, investigate and challenge their abilities.​

Our skilled practitioners will initiate adult-led conversations to introduce age-appropriate mathematical language and encourage children to recognise the patterns they are creating.

Exploring the World

We have created an environment where children can connect with the natural world throughout the seasons and maintain continuity with their home routines. Our practitioners are well-versed in our broad curriculum, promoting active decision-making and supporting children's self-awareness and understanding of the world.

As children grow with us, they bring their family values, fostering diversity and community awareness. We also welcome family visitors to share their experiences and skills, promoting discussions on unique backgrounds, religions, languages, and the ever-expanding world around us. This all contributes to a rich, diverse environment that celebrates the differences and similarities in people and the world.

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